10 LinkedIn Advices for Founders

As a founder you need to market your products and services and you should do this also on LinkedIn.

Especially, if your products and services have a B2B rather than a B2C focus.

I saw that some founders do it completely wrong on LinkedIn and thought to write this little guide to provide value for anyone who is looking for making the most out of LinkedIn.

1. Keep your profile updated

If you want to work with successful business people, then list up your own successes to keep your profile updated.

Like attracts like.

There is no excuse to have outdated information on LinkedIn and it will reflect badly on you.

Also include a headline that clearly explains what you do.

2. Only use professional headshots

You probably have seen it as well: founders who upload profile pictures that look like they were made on someone’s wedding, do not be one of them.

Think of the profile picture in the same way as you would present yourself at a client’s meeting because this may be the first impression you make on your future clients.

A professional headshot costs approximately £50 and is worth the investment.

3. Use a background picture

If you have a personal or professional brand, then use the background picture as a way to stand out from the rest.

Show your branding but keep it simple.

LinkedIn advices users to use an image with a resolution of 1400×425 pixels.

4. Write a strong summary

This is where you present your products and services.

Your summary should expand on what appears in your headline.

Create a copy that sells.

It should inspire interest in what you do.

And get readers to contact you.

Nothing more.

5. Get rid of typos

Apply the same amount of rigour to your LinkedIn profile as to your CV.

If necessary, let someone else read through your profile to get rid of any unspotted typos.

6. Use keywords with intention 

Identify the keywords that your industry is searching for and use those keywords in your headlines, summary, and throughout your profile.

If your potential clients resonate with the selected keywords, then it will increase their interest in you.

7. Personalise your LinkedIn profile link

You can customise your LinkedIn profile link to keep it consistent with your other social media profiles.

Use Google to find out how the setup works.

8. Use all sections that LinkedIn provides

You can list your achievements, certifications, languages you speak, publications, volunteering activities, and much more.

Use it to show that you are a competent and trustworthy individual with whom one can do business with.

9. Personalise invitations

Whenever you connect with a potential client, write her a personalised invitation.

But do not sell her anything.

Instead, provide upfront value.

10. Find and join LinkedIn groups

You are probably already in a Facebook group, LinkedIn groups function in a similar same way and might give you access to potential clients that you would not be able to find on Facebook.

I hope that you find these 10 advices useful.

To your success,


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