Guidelines to create high-performance work environments

How can one create high-performance work environments?

Using a two-way communication system

Communication within the work environment has to be structured in a two-way communication system. When the sender sends its message to the receiver, the receiver has to give feedback. This will achieve the following: first, the sender shares his thoughts and secondly, the receiver shares what he thinks of the received thoughts. This increases the understanding of the content of the message on both sides.

Another point to consider when thinking about improving the work environment is to keep the information flow going. Managers should update their team members with all the relevant information, so that they can accomplish their tasks. Team members should update their managers with all the relevant information to enable them to make better decisions.

Implementing a feedback process

It is important to learn how to implement a feedback process. Managers usually criticise employees when their work does not align with their expectations. A lack of feedback process can damage the work environment and relationships between workers. The process can be divided into four steps: 1. Talking to the employee in private 2. Talking about the reason for the feedback session 3. Giving a logic argumentation why another way of work fits better to the company 4. Giving a guidance for the future, so that the employee can learn from the mistake.

Valuing work

It is important to value work. Valuing work can be understood as a positive reinforcement tool. It does not have to happen on a constant basis but when used from time to time, the manager can show that the work of the employee matters. Employees value praise, which is why managers should show and appreciate how employees contribute to a meaningful goal.

Leaving BOB at home

BOB is the so-called bag of bullshit and consists of personal problems. BOB should be avoided at work. It might help to learn a thought-stop technique and see the work environment as a place of relief where personal problems do not exist. There is usually enough time to solve and find solutions to personal problem before or after work. Although, there are exceptions that require the attention of management and having an open-minded manager certainly helps.

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